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Human Capital

Each year, thousands of employers in the United States in hire foreign nationals to join their businesses and organizations. These foreign workers often bring highly specialized knowledge to their respective fields, add cultural diversity to the work place and help US employers maintain competitive advantage in the global market. Despite the many benefits, these foreign nationals bring to the US economy, business immigration procedures are often overwhelming.

This process is highly technical and overwhelming, which is why we provide the framework for professionals to US organizations while creating diversity to promote a competitive advantage and corporate culture.

Perm, NIW, Schedule A, special recruitment
H-1B, TN, L1
J-1 waiver, Physicians, nurses
O visa, P Visa, I Visa

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Family Law

Family-based immigration is always based on a qualifying relationship to a United States Citizen of Lawful Permanent Resident. Family-based immigration can come in various forms: affirmatively through government agencies or defensively in immigration court, whether in the United States or abroad. Immigration law is highly complex due to the technicalities of the statutes, regulations and procedures and practices involved in the undertaking. Navigation and proper advocacy of these issues is the game changing difference in immigration practice.

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Law is complex

Our value:
We provide navigation and advocacy to make it easy

Adjustment of status
Consular residence
Fiancé visa
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Civil immigration matters are litigated through administrative appellate bodies within the U.S. Department of Justice. This agency is not governed by the general auspices of the executive branch. Advocacy for companies and individuals when administrative remedies have been exhausted is essential in cases where the difference is clear: remaining in the United States or departing to a nation that may be in conflict. This particular area is highly sensitive based on the legal pressures and social aspects and should be entrusted to experts. Our unconventional litigation is aggressive and based on calculated strategies that render results using only the most effective practices and soliciting resources like expert consultants to win cases in Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals and the Circuit Court of Appeals.

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When administrative remedies have been exhausted; is essential in cases where the difference is clear: remaining in the United States or departing

Our value
Aggressive, and strategic unconventional litigation

Deportation defense
10th circuit federal court
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Providing humanitarian aid is the social and moral responsibility of developed nations. This responsibility is characterized by special consideration towards individuals who suffer from disasters, physical oppression, political persecution, medical issues and cannot defend themselves. The United states welcomes these at risk immigrants, and offers blanket protection through a diversity of programs that offer temporary or permanent protection from oppressors and disasters.

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Critical social needs that requires special consideration.

Our value
Advocating for the fundamental human rights of at risk immigrants is part of this firms interest to further social responsibility


Collaborator: Lourdes, Sandra, Brian

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