Client Testimonial

“Desde la primera cita la abogada nos insipor mucha confianza por su manera de responder todas nuestras preguntas. Muy profesional, y gracias a ella nuestro caso fue muy exitoso. Hoy tenemos nuestra residencia. Su trabajo fue EXCELENTE, y muy, muy profesional. Con mucho gusto la recomendaremos.”
-Mr. Gallegos

Case Brief

Over 14 years elapsed before Mr. Gallegos and his wife were able to file for permanent residence based on a Petition filed by his U.S. Citizen brother in 1997.

Finally in December of 2014 a visa was available for Mr. Gallegos and his wife and they filed for adjustment of status with our firm. Nine months later they were interviewed on their applications and were immediately approved.

The long wait proved to be worthwhile for this family.