Client Testimonial

“Su experiencia y al amor que le tiene a su trabajo y las ganas de ayudar a sus clientes.
Ayudarme a agarrar permisos de trabajo, y el segundo, y mas grande, y sorpresa mi residencia mermanente. Mi testimonio es un sueño echo realidad. K dios me puso a una persona en mi camino como la abogada que me represento con esperinsi y ganas de ayudar a la gente y sid dar falso esperanzas. Gracias.”
-A. Bravos

Case Brief

Mr. Bravo is a family man, a hard worker often working more than one job and often did away with very little sleep. In fact, hard work and sacrifice have been a constant in his life ever since he was a little boy abandoned by his father, and whom at the tender age of ten stopped his education to find work and support his mother.

He comes from the State of Oaxaca in Mexico where his elderly mother lives and who he has not seen for many years since immigration to the United States in search of a better life and to find a way to continue to support his elderly mother. His family is his priority and it shows in his children now. Mr. Bravo has lived in the United States for over ten years and started a family.

The Immigration court granted Mr. Artemio cancellation of removal and afforded him lawful permanent residence in the United States after showing that his removal would cause exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to his U.S. citizen son who suffers from serious medical condition.

Only 4000 visas are allotted to this type of relief nationwide per year, it was a great success!