“We came to America… to get rid of the things that divide and to make sure of the things that unite.”

-Woodrow Wilson


Legal Experience Based on Results

We are a foreign investment and immigration law firm that seeks to empower everything we do. We provide our clients with experienced, trustworthy, and effective legal representation. We approach every case as a team to device specific strategies that will create results for the present, and the future. By fostering connections with the community we have sought to expand business development through human capital investment, as well as advocate for the protection of individual immigrant rights.

Rodriguez Law Firm has helped hundreds of clients receive their U.S. visas.

Mrs. Rodriguez graduated at the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law. She has a background in International Law and has been in private practice in the specialization of immigration law since 2005.

Honest & Trustworthy

We’ve built our law firm from the ground up by being honest and trustworthy with our clients. As immigrants ourselves, we understand the pain and headache it takes to go through the immigration process. That’s exactly why you can count on us to deliver results for your case.

Game Changers

As supportive, humanitarian activists, Rodriguez Law Firm stands strong for the people.

We continue to raise the bar and set new standards to help the underprivileged, unprotected immigrant community who look to the United States for an opportunity of the American Dream.

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